"To the ruler, the people are heaven; to the people, food is heaven"
- Ancient Chinese Proverb



"Three Chefs is perfect for any Chinese food junkie (like myself). Service is always fast, and the staff is super nice and helpful. Now let's talk about the food, everything tastes delicious and is not overly greasy like other Chinese places. They also have Pho, which I just tried for the first time here and now want to eat every day.  Price are reasonable, full lunch for two under $20. Definitely recommend this place for an easy lunch/dinner. :) " (Alejandra R)

"I just went here for lunch and loved it! I have been looking for good pho that isn't an hour away from Miami for years. The pho is delicious, just like the Pho 75's up north! Served with all the fixings. Huge portion." (Amy S)

"I was quite surprised. I'm not from Miami...I've been to Asia many times and have had food in Hong Kong and mainland china. I'm from Hawaii and I always felt Hawaii always had good Chinese food because we are closer to Asia. well, this place made some good Chinese food alright and they are quite far from the motherland. to keep things short, everything had great flavor and taste. i really like that the wonton soup and eggroll was included. and they were both delicious. man, I was stuffed and the price was awesome! hope to be back here the next time I'm in downtown Miami!" (David B)

"My wife and I ate there 6/13/11 after getting her bicycle serviced a few doors down. best MOO GOO GUY PAN we ever ate. Service was great too. All for under $30" (David J)

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